The Introduction traces the history of Mindfulness through philosophy, religion and its use in modern medicine.

MODULE 1 — practice
Teaching how to practice Mindfulness
Covering the basic techniques for concentrating and noticing thoughts and feelings — observing the flow of thoughts as brain activity. Physical stretching is another exercise in concentration, and poetry reading also helps to engage awareness. Every lesson allows time for creative sharing of thoughts and ideas.


1 Learning to Live in the Present
2 The Breath
3 Being present in the Body
4 Walking Mindfully
5 Sitting practice 1 —Breath and Sensation
6 Sitting practice 2 — adding Sounds and Thoughts
7 Mindful Movement and Recognising Wellbeing

MODULE 2 — theory
Mind Science and Mindfulness

Studying the relevant aspects of brain science — in particular the Fight or Flight Cycle and how to manage Stress. Also the important link between Mindfulness, the heart and the imagination through the Arts.


8-9 The Mind-Body connection and Stress. The Mindful Response and 3-minute Breathing Space
10 Thinking and Interpreting
11 Mood and Emotion — alerting to thoughts and moods
12 Poetry can bring us into Awareness
FINALE —Mindfulness and Wellbeing.

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